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I’ve ordered mixed veneer packages for marquetry (wood inlay) from several suppliers.  Most of them look something like this:

Grizzly (Sauers) veneer sample pack

Reasonably good quality, a few burls, exotics, and figures, but mostly plain sawn native hardwoods and Philippine mahogany, one sheet per figure/species.  At most suppliers, this type of mix retails for about $2 per square foot.

I just received my second order of marquetry veneer samples from  It looked like this: sample pack

Fewer species, but all premium woods, including highly figured eucalyptus burl and pecky yew, pricey species like Brazilian rosewood and royal ebony, and a variety of other nicely figured exotics.  There are multiple, sequenced sheets of each species to allow book matching on larger panels.  Some of the sheets are tiny (2″ – 3″ wide by 8″ long), but still useable for edging, banding, and small details, while most of the sheets were 6″ to 9″ wide by 10″ to 12″ long – large enough for just about any marquetry project.  My first marquetry veneer sample order from them was just as impressive.  The whole lot was only about $0.37 per square foot – 1/6 the price of competitive products for much higher quality. also offers sample packs of largish (roughly 7″ x 11″) sheets of domestic woods .  I have a more varied impression of this product – one order was heavy on cherry, walnut, oak, and mahogany, while a second order was heavy on perfectly lovely but less workable yellow pine and poplar.  However, as for the marquetry sample pack, the sheets were sequenced and the veneer was flat and without voids or flaws – still a good deal for their very reasonable price of $0.63 per square foot.

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