Late Fall in Wisconsin

Fall has almost ended here in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Maple color was spotty this year due to widespread anthracnose fungal infections, but the oaks, which are still clinging to the last of their fall color, were exceptional this year.

Root River in Autumn, Colonial Park, Racine, WI Pin oak fall color, Lulu Lake, East Troy, WI

Brown trout are running in Racine’s Root River, attracting human anglers from surrounding states, along with furred and feathered fishers.  Some of the gulls are overly optimistic about tackling these giant fish…

Wishful thinking - herring gull stares down a brown trout, Root River, Racine, WI  Ringbilled Gull Dive, Root River, Racine, WI

Most of the migratory birds have already passed through, but waterfowl are still gathering on every stretch of open water, and winter residents like ring billed and herring gulls, now in winter plumage, are beginning to mass up for winter.  The first few scaups and buffleheads are also showing up in the Racine harbor.

Three iconic Lake Michigan birds Mallard takeoff, Root River, Racine, WI

Much of the fall has been wet and blustery, but Zeke still thinks it’s wonderful weather for running through the leaves.

Zeke leaping through the leaves, Cliffside Park, Racine, WI

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